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    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Sep 20, 2004

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 further refined the character creation system and added new features such as Tiger Proofing and Legends Matches

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    New to 2005

    The 2005 edition of Tiger Woods PGA Tour added many new features, most importantly overhauling the character creator.  Players were able to take their newly created golfer on a brand new "Legend Tour" in which they faced a number of highly regarded golfers such as Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer on classic courses.  There were also "Legend Scenarios" in which players would have to re-enact difficult shots or incredible comebacks made by classic golfers in the game.  Players could also play tournaments against current professional golfers such as Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh, or against EA created golfers such as "The Hustler" who bears a likeness to Justin Timberlake.  All of these events reward the player with money that they save up to "Tiger Proof" a course before a final faceoff against Woods himself.  Tiger Proofing includes reducing the size of the fairways, increasing the frequency of water hazards and bunkers, and changing the surface of the green so that putts roll faster or slower.  Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 was also the first title in the series to support Xbox Live play.

    PGA/Legend Golfer Roster (incomplete)

    Fictional Golfer Roster

    • Bev "Boomer" Bouchier
    • Billy "Bear" Hightower
    • Adriana "Sugar" Dolce
    • Alastair "Captain" McFadden
    • Aphrodite Papadapolus
    • Bunjiro "Bud" Tanaka
    • Ceasar "The Emperor" Rosado
    • Dion "Double D" Douglas
    • Hunter "Steelhead" Elmore
    • Jeb "Shooter" McGraw
    • Justin "The Hustler" Timberlake
    • Kendra "Spike" Lovette
    • Raquel "Rocky" Rockers
    • Reginald "Reg" Withers
    • Tiffany "Tiff Williams

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