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    Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Nov 24, 2015

    An RPG-style combat mobile game with unlockable characters from the Disney LucasFilm Star Wars franchise. Various play modes including an asynchronous PVP arena against other players' constructed teams and various PVE challenges.

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    Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Capital Games and published by Electronic Arts, Inc. The concept of the game is that you are in a Star Wars cantina where people play a table top combat game with holographic miniatures. The primary action in this game is turn based combat much like the classic Final Fantasy games. Players play the game to unlock and upgrade the various heroes the game offers.


    The player builds a squad of up to five of characters to take into battle where he or she engages in combat with another team or opponent. There are different modes in the game that generally have different build restrictions and some modes allow the player to bring a sixth character supplied by his or her in-game Allies (a light Friends system). In most modes, the goal is to defeat all opposing characters without losing all of your team's characters.

    In combat, the game proceeds with each character taking turns to perform one action. Each character has a turn meter that indicates how close they are to being able to act. When the turn meter fills up that character can act. Turn meter generally fills up at a rate based on the character's speed, but many abilities and passive effects can also grant or remove turn meter.

    When a character takes their turn, they will have two or more abilities that they can use. The first ability listed is their "Basic" ability and is always available. Any other abilities are "Special" abilities and often have a cooldown when used that prevent them from being used for one or more turns. When the character performs its action, the turn meter for that character is emptied (although effects of the character's action may grant turn meter before the character's turn is completed).

    Characters continue taking turns as they fill up their turn meter until either one side is defeated or, if there is a time limit, the time limit is reached.

    Gameplay Modes

    Light Side Battles

    A large of the initial tutorial is performed in light side battles. Light side battles are divided up into several levels (currently there are levels 1-8). Each level is divided up into normal and hard modes. Each of those modes are divided up into multiple nodes. Hard mode for the level is unlocked when the player completes all of the nodes from normal. The next level is unlocked when the player completes all of the nodes but also requires a particular player level to be reached as well.

    Light side battles require a player to build a squad of up to five of their light side characters and allow a sixth character provided by that player's allies (which also needs to be light side). Most nodes will consist of three stages where each stage has one or more enemy characters. When all enemies are defeated in a particular stage, play proceeds to the next stage. If the player has lost any characters, they are defeated for the remainder of the node. If all stages are cleared before the player loses all of his or her characters, the player wins and gets rewards in the form of player experience, in-game currencies, and gear components for their characters. Additionally, depending on how many characters survived the battles, up to three stars are awarded for that node. Three stars are awarded if all characters survived (the ally character isn't factored in), two stars are awarded if only one character was defeated and one star if more than one character was defeated. Completing levels with three stars is very desirable since that unlocks the ability to auto complete that node in the future at the cost of a


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