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    A Stellaron Hunter incapable of feeling fear, arguably the mother of The Trailblazer. Her only loyalty is to Elio.

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    A woman born on the planet Pteruges-V, Kafka is a high-functioning sociopath incapable of feeling fear or relating to most people. When Elio came to her and offered her a chance at feeling new sensations, she jumped at the chance and joined the Stellaron Hunters.


    Kafka is technically the first playable character in Honkai Star Rail, as players use her to understand the basics of combat and exploration until they awaken The Trailblazer. However, after completing the tutorial mission, Kafka is unplayable and cannot be drawn from a Warp (until Patch 1.2, "Even Immortality Ends," released Kafka into the Warp pool).

    As an enemy boss character on the Xianzhou Luofu, Kafka has multiple attacks that deal Lightning and Shock damage to allied characters. In addition, she can use Spirit Whisper to Dominate an ally and force them to attack their friends. This status can be dispelled by certain healing or shield skills.

    In the game, Kafka is a Lightning user who follows the Path of Nihility. wielding a pair of SMGs and a katana. She can deal Lightning damage to multiple targets, and her skills allow her to extend DoT effects already placed on enemies by herself or other allies.


    • Kafka's name is an homage to the famous novelist Franz Kafka
    • Kafka also appears in Honkai Impact 3rd (as an upgradable Stigmata) and Guns GirlZ, but this version of Kafka is considered entirely separate from those two.


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