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    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Dec 05, 2009

    Mobile game, also on touchscreen smartphones.

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    Sidescroller adventure game that has some fighting. There are also shooter sequence when flying a banshee.


    (The story conflicts with the story established in the movie)

    Jake Sully was on his first mission with his avatar and Grace Augustine was in contact with him by the radio. Jake job was to mark any unobtanium deposits that he could find. During that mission, Jake met with Neytiri, and Grace encouraged Jake to make contact with the natives. Jake followed Neytiri, but lost consciousness when he caught up with her. Jake saw a vision of Pandora's destroction in the future, if the humans are allowed to stay on the planet. Eywa relied a message to Jake, that he should find a sacred soul. Coming out of the trance, Jake and Neytiri went to look for the sacred soul. Neytiri however was captured along with Tse'huk the leader of the Ni'awve clan and brought to the mine, Jake saved them from an execution. Jake and Neytiri then went the the Tree of Souls. Jake fought John Cage and defeated him. After he activated the Sacred Soul of Pandora, Grace contacted Jake saying that she had to move his human body and that he should disconnect from his avatar. Jake refused this suggestion and asked Grace to keep his body safe.

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