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    James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Dec 01, 2009

    Unlike it's XBOX360/PS3/PC counter parts in this Wii/PSP adaptation of James Cameron's Avatar the player takes control of one of the Na'vi inhabitants who are at war with the humans pillaging their planet Pandora it's resources.

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    • The Nintendo Wii and PSP version of Avatar only lets the player experience the conflict as a Na'vi and see the story unfold from their point of view. The game follows the story of Rai'uk, a disgruntled Na'vi whose tribe and possessions were adversely affected by the arrival of Human forces.
    • The developers described Na'vi tactics as "stalk, strike, and evade" gameplay.
    • The Wii Balance Board can be used as an optimal controller during the scenes in which the player controls a "Banshee", a large flying animal on Pandora.
    • Players who own the Wii Motion Plus add-on will be able to use a special Na'vi "weapon" called the Hellfire wasp a small animal that the Na'vi can control with their mind and that the player uses the Wii-remote with the Motion plus to control.


    Rai'uk and his sister Kyuna are only survivors of a massacre of Anurai Clan. They are on a quest of revenge on the person who committed the atrocity, Sean Wallen. Rai'uk spent year studding the humans to learn their warrior ways and their language. One time he noticed that the artifacts of his clan were moved, and decided to stop his observing and start fighting. He managed to retrieve a hunters bow, and followed Sean Wallen who had stolen them, to air with a Banshee he had freed. He found humans base on the Hallelujah Mountains. He caught up with Sean Wallen again and chased him through the sky. In the fight with his Scorpion, Rai'uk's Banshee was hurt and they fell near Li'ona territory. Tasun of that clan helped Rai'uk's Banshee to safe place. After seeing the conditions the Li'ona lived, Rai'uk was angered again, blaming humans and insisting that the Li'ona would help him fight. Li'ona however didn't want a war. Rai'uk went alone and discovered a dam not far from the village, he destroyed it with the help of human's Dragon Assault Ship. Rai'uk was hurt by the fall that he took from the dam, and returned to Li'ona clan to heal. Clan members were happy that the water has returned and praised Rai'uk.

    Rai'uk's heroics reached the ears of Sylwanin from Omaticaya. He agreed to meet Sylwanin in the Na'vi School where some humans were wearing Na'vi skin. Rai'uk was angered about the concept of humans pretending to be one of them, but after meeting Grace Augustine who taught at the school he started to think differently, he even felt respect towards Grace. Sylwanin asked Rai'uk to help against humans who were destroying her home, and Rai'uk agreed. After destroying the human base, he found a recording of a father to his daughter. That shook up Rai'uk and he returned to Li'ona clan. Thinking that he had become what he hated he returned to his old home's Tree of Voices to sort out his life. But there he met Sean Wallen again. He killed Sean Wallen, and remembered an old Anurai prophecy of a warrior who after walking in darkness would fight against darkness. He recognized himself from that story and felt strengthened. He opted to return to Li'ona clan. On his way there he heard human's flying machines. Conrad Olson the commander of men Rai'uk had killed, now on a quest of revenge himself. Rai'uk though tired of fighting, fought Conrad's Avatar and killed it.

    After the fight when everything was calming down, a Thanator appeared and scared the Li'ona. But Rai'uk knew that it wasn't there to attack, it was there for him, from Eywa. Rai'uk mounted the Thanator and rode into forest. He took upon a quest to warn the Na'vi of the enemy within: the hatred he at first felt.

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