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    Hong Kong 97

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released 1994

    Unofficial release for the SNES famous for its controversy, terribleness, and apparent accurate prediction.

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    The story concerns an event in which a large amount of Chinese criminals ("fuckin' ugly reds", according to the intro) immigrate into Hong Kong and cause chaos. Chin, a relative of Bruce Lee's ("played" in story scenes by Jackie Chan, and by an unknown corpse in the game over screen) is hired by Hong Kong governor Chris Patten to wipe out all 1.2 billion Chinese. However, back on the mainland, plans were underway to resurrect Communist leader Tong Shau Ping (Deng Xiaoping) as an ultimate weapon. This portion of the plot is noteworthy in that Xiaoping was still alive when the game was released, but did indeed pass away in early 1997.

    The gameplay is focused around being a single-screen shooter, with many backdrops including Maoist propaganda posters and Chinese language advertisements. The first two lines of the song I Love Beijing Tiananmen is looped continuously throughout the game, not even stopping upon returning to the title screen after defeat or starting a new game. There are no sound effects in the game at all. Except for an item (a syringe) granting temporary invincibility, anything that touches Chin instantly results in a game over. The Chinese continuously rain down on Chin, and shooting them causes a mushroom cloud to appear, followed by a corpse. Occasionally, a car will pass by on the screen; once the third car in a row drives away, within moments Deng Xiaoping's giant disembodied head will appear as the game's boss character. Beating Xiaoping's head causes the game to loop over again.


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