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    Vivi Orunitia

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    Vivi Orniter is Zidane's initially reluctant companion and the party's Black Mage in Final Fantasy IX. His story deals with Vivi trying to come to grips with the idea of death and his connection to the Black Mage Army of Alexandria.

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    Vivi is a young black mage, whose origin remains a mystery even to himself. He was raised as far back as he could remember by Quan, referred to as Vivi's grandpa. Quan was a Qu, like Quina, but was more intelligent in the ways of food and life. He taught Vivi a lot, and Vivi always remembers him.

    The name Vivi ("I lived") comes from the latin verb vivo (to live). A fitting name for a character who questions his existence.



    Vivi is short, and has virtually no visible skin. His eyes are all that are seen on his face, the rest being black (like all black mages). He wears a crumpled over mage's hat, and a blue overcoat. He has a rather awkward walk, leading him to trip up several times (especially early in the game).


    Vivi is the calmest person. He is very quiet and shy, and only voices his opinion when it's important. It usually turns out where everyone likes Vivi, he's never the "bad guy" of a situation. His only angry outburst was against the Black Waltz after he destroyed dozens of golem-like Black Mages. He goes into a rage, causing up a Trance effect, and helps take down the Black Waltz. He remains calm and smart and matures greatly in the course of the game.


    Vivi's primary ability is the use of Black Magic. His Black Magic is anything from heavy damaging attacks to status ailments. Vivi is a vital part of most teams, as his Black Magic does great damage, and can combine with Steiner to do more damage. Here are all of Vivi's Black Magic spells ("*" = usable for Sword Magic with Steiner):

    • Fire* - basic fire element attack
    • Fira* - advanced fire element attack
    • Firaga* - strongest fire element attack
    • Blizzard* - basic ice element attack
    • Blizzara* - advanced ice element attack
    • Blizzaga* - strongest ice element attack
    • Thunder* - basic electric element attack
    • Thundara* - advanced electric element attack
    • Thundaga* - strongest electric element attack
    • Sleep - puts enemy to sleep
    • Slow - reduces enemy's speed
    • Stop - freezes enemy in time
    • Poison - causes Poison, which drains HP gradually
    • Bio* - non-elemental damage and Poison
    • Osmose - absorb MP
    • Drain - absorb HP
    • Demi - deals 1/4 of targets current HP
    • Comet - non-elemental, unpredictable damage
    • Death - kills target (certain % chance)
    • Break - turns target to stone
    • Water* - deals water damage
    • Meteor - non-elemental damage
    • Flare* - non-elemental damage
    • Doomsday* - deals heavy shadow damage to all enemies and allies

    When Vivi is in Trance mode, he has an upgrade to Black Magic, called Double Black Magic. You can select 2 spells (in order) and he will cast them in the same turn. MP cost is normal, for both spells.

    Vivi also has a little ability called Focus. When used, Vivi focuses his magic energy, making his magic attack higher. That means future spells will deal more damage, a nice addition to a full arsenal of good spells.


    Vivi wields staves and rods, all of which are low in attack power. His strongest is called the Mace of Zeus, which grants him his strongest Black Magic spell, Doomsday. It isn't obtained until the near end of the game. Vivi also wears light armor, like Zidane.

    • Mage Staff

    Attack Power: 12; teaches "Fire"

    • Flame Staff

    Attack Power: 16; teaches "Fire" and "Sleep"

    • Ice Staff

    Attack Power: 16; teaches "Blizzara" and "Slow"

    • Lightning Staff

    Attack Power: 16; teaches "Thundara" and "Poison"

    • Oak Staff

    Attack Power: 23; teaches "Stop", "Bio", and "Drain"

    • Cypress Pile

    Attack Power: 27; teaches "Demi", "Break", and "Comet"

    • Octagon Rod

    Attack Power: 29; teaches "Firaga", "Blizzaga", and "Thundaga"

    • High Mage Staff

    Attack Power: 32; teaches "Meteor" and "Osmose"

    • Mace of Zeus

    Attack Power: 35; teaches "Doomsday"


    • How do you prove that we exist? Maybe we don't exist...
    • I have to find out who I am... I'm scared... What if I'm not even human...?
    • I won't let you make any more instruments of murder!

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