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    Cory in the House

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Apr 15, 2008

    Cory's presidential bobbleheads have been stolen by an evil toymaker who plans to use them to hypnotize the nation.

    sbc515's Cory in the House (Nintendo DS) review

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    The worst TV-based DS garbage of all time

    Everywhere I've gone online, I constantly see that Cory in the House is referred to as an "anime" (and it still is to this day), especially "the best anime" or "the greatest anime." On IMDB there are several 10-star reviews proving this. I still don't know or care why anyone called Cory in the House an "anime" but I think it's a terrible live-action American TV show, a stupid sitcom from Disney Channel. The acting was weak, the characters were annoying, the comedy wasn't funny at all, the special effects were useless and Cory Baxter (the main character of this show, who is also neither kawaii nor anyone's waifu, whatever the hell those two dumb non-English words mean) is so unlikable just like in That's So Raven, which is also another live-action American sitcom from Disney Channel. It was cancelled after two seasons and became underrated because of unfavorable reception, so no one really remembers it. It was produced by Disney Channel, which has neither done nor shown any anime in their lives. No, really, I have never seen any particular anime on Disney Channel. The show is also not available on Disney+ for streaming because of some serious criminal record Cory Baxter's actor has gotten himself into.

    If anyone in particular remembers that live-action TV show, then you might've played the game, which, if anything, is even worse than the show itself. With idiotic enemy AI, horrible power-ups, a poorly written and disjointed story (complete with laughable dialog), clunky controls (including very bad stylus recognition), the game is very easy. It comes with pointless fetch quests and mini-games thrown in to pad out the game. Even then, there is little variety in these; the mini games pose little challenge, and can be beaten in three hours with no replay value. Many of the jokes are unfunny to the point where a laugh track (true to its origins as a Disney sitcom) plays in order to tell you when to laugh.

    The forgettable and repetitive soundtrack only has five songs in it, one of them is a Hip-Hop rendition of "Hail to the Chief" that plays for about 70% of the whole game, even during the credits.

    Environments are too big with nothing to do in them, making the game feel empty.

    In addition to the blocky, fugly visuals that wouldn't be out of place on the Game Boy Advance, the character models look overall very jagged and bizarre since they try to replicate the real life characters in the show but they failed. They attempted to combine the photo-realistic style with the 3D graphics of the Nintendo DS. The DS isn't well known for making good 3D graphics as most 3D games on the console look rather unpleasant.

    This show and its tie-in game made Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place look like masterpieces and it's worse than Jonas or Naked Brothers.


    These people are making other people more stupid than they already are when they think that Cory in the House is a FRICKEN ANIME when it's obviously NOT! The dumb joke falls flat when it's clear as light and it's clearly obvious that a live-action Disney Channel sitcom is simply NOT AN ANIME!

    If you're into crappy games and sitcoms, then stay away from this and don't even think about it.

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