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    Metal Gear

    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released Jul 07, 1987

    Known as the first stealth-action game, Metal Gear tells the tale of Solid Snake, a rookie operative of the U.S. special forces unit FOXHOUND, as he infiltrates Outer Heaven, a fortified military compound, to destroy a mysterious superweapon known as "Metal Gear".

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    A Classic Stealth Adventure

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    Metal Gear, the groundbreaking stealth action game developed by Hideo Kojima, made its debut on the MSX in 1987, and now it finds a place in the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for the PlayStation 3. With its influential gameplay mechanics and engaging storyline, Metal Gear remains essential to gaming history.

    Despite the limitations of the MSX platform, Metal Gear introduced players to the stealth genre in a truly innovative way. As Solid Snake, a special operations soldier, your mission is to infiltrate enemy territory and neutralize the threat of Metal Gear, a powerful weapon of mass destruction. To succeed, you must carefully navigate through complex environments, avoiding patrolling guards, strategically using equipment, and gathering vital intelligence.

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    One of the game's greatest strengths is its emphasis on stealth and tactical decision-making. The thrill of sneaking past guards undetected or cleverly distracting them adds a layer of tension and satisfaction to the gameplay. Metal Gear also introduced the iconic radar system, allowing players to monitor enemy movements and plan their next move accordingly.

    While the graphics and sound may appear outdated by today's standards, it's vital to appreciate Metal Gear's impact on the industry. The game's pixelated visuals and atmospheric soundtrack set the tone for future entries in the series, including the beloved Metal Gear Solid titles.

    The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for the PlayStation 3 preserves the MSX version of Metal Gear faithfully, allowing both veterans and newcomers to experience the roots of the franchise. The inclusion of Metal Gear in this collection offers players a chance to witness the evolution of the series, providing context to the immersive storytelling and intricate gameplay mechanics that later defined the Metal Gear Solid games.

    However, it's worth noting that the MSX version of Metal Gear can be challenging and occasionally unforgiving. Some may find the lack of a save feature frustrating, as it requires skill and persistence to progress. Nevertheless, this serves as a testament to the game's design philosophy, pushing players to think strategically and adapt to unexpected situations.

    Metal Gear for the MSX, presented in the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, is a classic stealth adventure that stands the test of time. Its influence on the gaming industry cannot be overstated, and experiencing its humble beginnings is a treat for fans and history enthusiasts alike. If you're looking to delve into the origins of the legendary Metal Gear franchise, this is where it all began.

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