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  • Grumbel wrote a review of Super Turrican 2.
    25 years later and I still don't like it

    In terms of technology, Super Turrican 2 is quite impressive and makes great use of the SNES abilities. In terms of actual fun it is however a major step down from the previous Super Turrican and the ...

  • Grumbel wrote a review of Tiny Toon Adventures.
    Solid SuperMarioBros3 knock-off, but lacking in surprises

    Starting up Tiny Toon Adventures feels quite familiar, many of the enemies, abilities and the general gameplay are heavily inspired by SuperMarioBros3 with a Tiny Toons coat of paint. The resulting ga...

  • Grumbel wrote a review of Zombies Ate My Neighbors.
    Charming, but flawed

    ZAMN comes with a fun retro-scifi aesthetic and some LucasArts style in-jokes. The core gameplay is fun enough as well and a multiplayer option is welcome to see. However below the charming exterior, ...