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Fallout 3 was fun, gross and immersive all in one. 0

 I think Bethesda learned a lot from their mistakes with Oblivion.  In Fallout 3, they gave us a clever world, one you that want to explore.  They gave you interesting sidequests, ones you want to complete.  The battle system was fun, the graphics were great.  Fallout 3 was a complete turnaround.  I had a blast with it from start to finish.  There were a couple hiccups though, mostly with the level capping.  I seriously hate level capping, and at lvl20?  Jeez.  I wasn't even half way done with t...

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Oblivion was a bland experience from start to finish. 0

 Granted, I wasn't a big fan of Mirrowind. I'm also not a huge fan of PC RPGs in general, but I like to give them a shot. I knew what to expect with Oblivion, but I stuck with it until the very end. With that said, it's an OK game. I can understand why some people were addicted to it. There's a ton of things to do in this game, not all of them are my idea of fun or excitement, but there is a ton of (mundane) tasks to complete. The world wasn't something that sucked me in, since it ...

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Arc Rise Fantasia is addicting and fun. 0

 I've played a ton of RPG's on the Wii (read my past reviews), and I still own a bunch I haven't even started yet or barely scratched the surface with (Muramasa, Chocobo's Dungeon, Shiren the Wanderer, Baroque, Sakura Wars, etc).  On top of that, I've played a ton of 360 RPGs, PS2 RPGs, SNES RPGs, PS1 RPGs, etc.  I'm pretty well experienced in the RPG genre.  I'm obviously not RPG starved.  I could be playing any RPG out there right now.  I have the money, I have the time, and I have all the sys...

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Sonic Chronicles falls flat in every way possible. 0

 Man, I don't even know where to begin with this game.  I wasn't a huge fan of Sonic games growing up.  I had a lot of fun with Sonic, but that was the jest of it.  I don't quite get the Sonic universe or any of the wacky characters that's attached to Sonic nowadays.  I can go as far back as Knuckles, but everything is over my head. I'm also not a huge fan of Bioware either.  I like some of their games, but they have design flaws, and are buggy as hell.  I can enjoy aspects of Bioware games, but...

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Dragon Quest IV is a solid history lesson. 0

 I played the original Dragon Warrior IV but it was a bunch of years ago and I only spent a couple hours on it. So I can't really compare this remake with the original to well. However, I must say, this remake does hold up for an old NES game. The story isn't groundbreaking, and the graphics won't blow your mind. The gameplay is still strong though, and that's all that matters. Dragon Quest games always give you a great feeling of accomplishment. They always have that perfect diffi...

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Monster Hunter is addicting, but brutal. 0

 I have never played a Monster Hunter game before in my life.  I missed out on the PS2 game, and never owned a PSP to care.  When it came to the Wii, I felt it was time to check it out.  I've played Diablo II, Phantasy Star Online, and various other games like this.  So I'm not a total stranger to these types of games, but it's still something I don't regularly play.  However, despite my lack of knowledge of loot grinding online RPGs go, I had a fun experience.  Monster Hunter can be an extremel...

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Rune Factory: Frontier was a deep Action RPG. 1

 I've been a fan of Harvest Moon games since the SNES, but I'll be honest, they haven't progressed enough for me to continue buying them.  The Gamecube Harvest Moon was the last one I was excited for.  With that said, I loved the idea of Rune Factory.  They basically took the Harvest Moon "simy" stuff, and thrown in an open world Action RPG into the mix.  It turned out to be an awesome balance of grind and harvest that I was looking for.  They made the harvesting alot more accessible, while keep...

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Magical Starsign is a trite adventure. 0

 Magical Starsign was complete agony for me to finish.  The story wasn't interesting enough to push me forward.  The battle system was so slow and boring I just wanted it to end early.  The only reason I finished it is because I was expecting it to be a 16 hour game.  By the time I reached the 16 hour mark, I invested to much time into it already.  So I had to complete it, even though it was a complete waste of time.  I put 33 hours into Magic Starsign and I regret it. The worst thing about Magi...

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No More Heroes was full of style and substance. 1

 No More Heroes was a blast from start to finish. There were real surprises, huge laughs, and gory fun. Hack and Slashers tend to bore me towards the end, but this one didn't and it's twice as long as most Hack and Slashers. It does have faults, mostly the world map and somewhat boring level designs. The positives clearly outweigh the bad, so the No More Heroes is clearly going to stick with me for a while. ----------Battle System---------- No More Heroes is a no frills Hack and Slasher. Th...

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Dark Legend had all the right elements to be a great game. 0

 It's a shame.  A dirty shame.  I really loved the first Overlord.  I was super excited for this game being announced for the Wii.  Wii controls just seem like a perfect fit, and the graphical style would work well on the Wii too.  Well, they got that much right atleast.  Everything else.. ehh.. not so much.  The Wii controls are really fantastic.  I think they work better than the 360 game.  The camera works just fine too, despite the lack of buttons.  The graphics hold up really well for a Wii...

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Little King's Story is surprisingly deep with addicting gameplay. 0

 Little King's Story is not just one of the best Wii games I've played, it's one of the best current gen games I've played aswell. I loved exploring the world, collecting loot, fighting monsters. The music was awesome, the visuals were great. Expanding the Kingdom felt great. The humor cracked me up. There was just so much to love about Little King's Story. I wasn't disappointed with anything about it. Little King's Story just reminded me of all the best parts of Pikmin, Zelda, Diablo and ...

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Albert Odyssey's dialog makes it all worth it. 0

 Albert Odyssey is a special game. Not because of the battle system. The battle system is really generic, and frankly, boring at times. The graphics aren't special. They're just 16-bit graphics redux for a Saturn. They look great, but it's not much different than Wild Arms. The story was certainly nothing special. It's about a boy and his attacked village and seeking revenge. The dialog though, now that's special and unforgettable. Working Designs took a chance with this game. If they gave thi...

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Beyond the Beyond was slow and agonizing. 0

 Beyond the Beyond was one of the first PS1 games released for the system. I never played it back then, but I read alot about it. The biggest complaints I ever heard about this game is the random encounter rate, which I agree is way to high. The ugly graphics (I only half agree with that), and the overall generic gameplay. Which is agreeable too. It's true, Beyond the Beyond has it's share of problems, actually, I find more faults with the game than positives. With that said, most of its fault...

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Castle Crashers is a fun beat'em up with nice humor. 0

 I was a big Alien Homnid fan back in the Gamecube days.  So when I heard about Castle Crashers, I was pretty excited.  I originally played this game last with in a local multiplayer setting.  It's almost a different experience when you're playing with someone else.  You're not concerned about secrets or items or money.. it's just a stupid button masher.  So I was curious what it would be like in a single player setting, and it was very rewarding in some senses.  I liked the amounts of secrets y...

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The After Years is a fun nostalgia trip but with alot of problems 0

 Final Fantasy II for the SNES is probably my favorite RPG experience as a kid. It was the first RPG I played with such a massive storyline, full of plot twists, and rememberable characters. So with that bit of history, it's probably my favorite RPG of all time. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is a fun novelty, but it hardly holds a candle to the original game. I mean, that was what I was expecting, so I guess when it turned out to be 'not that good', it wasn't a harsh realization. It was ...

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Dark Messiah was an ugly and broken mess of a game. 0

 There really isn't much to say about Dark Messiah, so I'll keep this short. The game is ugly, the controls are clunky, the story was boring and the game was buggy. It's not worth your time or your money. I regret putting 12 hours into this game. The end. ----------Battle System---------- Dark Messiah is a standard first person hack and slasher. It's similar to King's Field or Hexen or Elder's Scrolls in some way or another. I'm personally not a fan of first-person RPGs, so Dark Messiah went ...

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Dark Messiah was an ugly / broken mess of a game. 0

 There really isn't much to say about Dark Messiah, so I'll keep this short. The game is ugly, the controls are clunky, the story was boring and the game was buggy. It's not worth your time or your money. I regret putting 12 hours into this game. The end. ----------Battle System---------- Dark Messiah is a standard first person hack and slasher. It's similar to King's Field or Hexen or Elder's Scrolls in some way or another. I'm personally not a fan of first-person RPGs, so Dark Messiah went ...

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Mass Effect was a fun experience, bogged down by buggy graphics. 0

 Ok, I need to get this off my chest.  I was not a fan of Kotor at all.  I didn't care for the sci-fi / Star Wars universe.  I didn't like the combat.  I felt the  quest system was to hard to navigate through, and finally, I hated how big and pointless the world was.  The first town you visit is bigger than some games, but it was full of pointless fetch quests and generic NPCs that say the same crap over and over again. </rant over>However, I had fun with Mass Effect, for the most part.  W...

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Zoids Assault was difficult, ugly and a waste of time. 0

 I think I started Zoids Assault about 9 or 10 months ago.  I looked up a guide to see how long of a game it was, and it seemed short, so I was expecting to blast through it and forget about it after a few weeks.  I was not prepared for what was about to come.  Zoids Assault is one of the hardest Turn-Based Strategy RPG's I have ever played in my life.  There was so many times where I just felt like breaking my controller in half and smashing my TV.  Fire Emblem games are tough, but they're doab...

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Fable II was a huge improvement over the original but had faults. 0

Overall, I enjoyed Fable II more so than the original.  Most of the bugs were kinked out, the controls were fixed, the quests were better, etc.  I just had more fun with this game.  The map, while not great, was still improved.  The dog was an "ok" addition.  Could they have made this better? Obviously, but I think it was a fun experience.A few things that really annoyed me though were the bad fart and poop jokes.  They were lame in the first one and they're lame in this one.  I thought the stor...

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Beowulf is a bland and somewhat forgettable beat'em up. 1

As I will mention many times in this review, I haven't seen the Beowulf movie and I have no interest in seeing it.  I know a little bit about the Beowulf history but that's about it.  With that said, the storyline still made no sense to me at all.  The battle system was bland.  The platforming was awful.  The QTE's they make you do is just annoying.  I especially hated the pacing of the game, which always made you felt rushed for time and gave you little reason to search for secrets.  overall, B...

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Circle of Doom was a generic, boring and ugly mess. 0

This is my first Kingdom Under Fire game.  I have the 2 Xbox releases just sitting on my shelve, waiting to be played, but I felt like playing this one first.  From my understanding, the very first Kingdom Under Fire game was a straight up RTS.  The 2 Xbox games were closer to Dynasty Warrior type Hack and Slasher / war games.  Circle of Doom is actually closer to Phantasy Star Online or Monster Hunter.  I was expecting a somewhat fast paced game, like Diablo.  While it does share some familiari...

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Vesperia won't disappoint longtime fans of the series. 0

As a huge fan of Tales of games, Vesperia hardly disappoints. It nails nearly everything I love about Tales games.  Colorful graphics, likable characters, fun dialog, and fast combat.  My only complaint are the weak dungeons, and skill micromanaging.  The dungeons felt really short and linear.  Micromanaging your skills was to tiresome, because you gain new skills way to quick, and you have to do it across 7 characters. If you've played any of the previous Tales of games, like Abyss or Symphonia...

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Last Remnant's battle system bored me, but I did enjoy sidequests 0

Last Remnant is a game I hard no expectations for, and little knowledge about. I honestly thought this game was a hack and slasher like Dynasty Warriors. When I jumped into the first battle, it felt closer to Lost Odyssey. Another thing I vaguely remember about this game during the pre-launch hype was how it was suppose to appease Western audiences by adding more Western designs to it. I don't quite see that to be honest. I like that you can save the game at any point in the game. I also like ...

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Mystic Heroes is a repetitive hack and slasher not worth picking 0

Mystic Heroes was not a fun game, well I did have fun with it for the first couple stages, but after that it just got so boring and repetitive. By stage 3 I was dreading the whole game. Fighting some bosses was a long and painful process, rarely hard, but just annoying. The platforming elements was frustrating and just about everything else annoyed me about this game. The only positive thing I can say is the graphics were awesome, but the cutscenes were really short, almost to the point where th...

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Shadow Hearts: FTNW was a huge step down from the previous games. 0

Shadow Hearts: FTNW was a pretty big disappointment. It wasn't a terrible or broken game, it just didn't live up to the previous standards of Shadow Hearts to me. I really enjoyed the first two games, but this one did nothing for me. The battle system is still pretty good, but I really hated the storyline and basically all the playable characters. That is probably what hurt the most. I honestly didn't care about any of them. They're pretty boring and just forgettable, especially Johnny. The ...

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Metroid Prime 3 has perfect controls and fun gameplay. 0

This is the first Metroid Prime I actually beat.  I got 2/3s of the way into the first Metroid Prime, I got the final boss in Metroid Prime 2, and I gave up after about 2 weeks with Metroid Prime Hunters.  The first Metroid Prime was amazing for the time, but in retrospect, the controls are a bit clunky, and the scanning sucks.  Metroid Prime 2 fixed all the problems of the first game, but it didn't advance much beyond that.  It was basically the same game.Metroid Prime 3 feels like a new game. ...

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Avatar was an unoriginal, boring mess. 0

I will admit, I am not that familiar with the IP.  I never watched the shows, and the only real experience I have with Avatar is the previous Wii game.  I actually enjoyed the last Wii game.  It was a basic Dark Alliance clone, and what it did, it did right.  It wasn't fantastic but it wasn't insulting.  However, this Avatar game is insulting.  This time, instead of ripping of Dark Alliance, they are ripping off God of War.  Just about everything in this game is taken out of God of War, someway ...

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Two Worlds is a bland experience and a technical mess. 0

Two Worlds is a technical fart.  I think I would have enjoyed it much more if it wasn't for the ugly graphics, bland world, terrible controls, bad art, and just overall technical screw ups and glitches.  I DID enjoy the quests.  I loved exploring, even though the world was bland, I just thought it was a great world map.  That's really the only compliments I can give it. Besides the technical mess of this game, my next biggest beef with this game is the crap controls, and the lack of information....

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Spectral Force 3 was clunky, ugly mess, with a fun battle system. 0

Where do I start with Spectral Force 3? I'm not familiar with the series at all, since this is the first one to be released here. I'm not entirely impressed with this one though. The storyline is almost non-existant, which means, I really didn't care for the characters at all. Especially the optional ones. The graphics are completely outdated, and unstylish. There is no reason why this is on the 360, as it takes no advantage of his horsepower at all. The controls are clunky as hell. This is not...

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Avatar: The Last Airbender was shockingly good. 0

Avatar: The Last Airbender was actually a much better game than I expected.  I knew it was a Dark Alliance-type game, but I didn't know it was soo similar.  It's actually a deeper game in some regards.  I love how open the maps are, I love finding the quests from the NPCs.  The graphics, for a PS2 port, really hold up.  The celshading looks really good, and the backgrounds and enemies are still nice to look at. Avatar didn't utilize the Wii to the best of it's abilities, but they didn't abuse th...

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Alien Syndrome had tight controls but everything else was garbage 0

I loved the Alien Syndrome for the arcade.  I had the NES port back in the day, and played it to death with my sister.  It was a fun top-down shooter where you save hostages from hordes of aliens and fought an epic boss at the end of each stage.However, this Alien Syndrome is only semi related to that classic game.  There was only 2 missions where you saved hostages.  The differences is, they're placed in pre-determined spots this time around.  Also, there are only a couple boss battles in this ...

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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is a solid follow up. 0

I like Fire Emblem games alot. They're not my favorite Strategy RPG series, but they're up there. In some ways, I like Radiant Dawn more than Path of Radiance. For one, the missions are bigger and tougher, the CGI cutscenes are AMAZING. There are a few things I preferred about Path of Radiance though. In Path of Radiance, you followed Ike and his mercenary group. The story was alot easier to follow. In Radiant Dawn, you follow three groups. The stories intertwine and get really confusing. Radia...

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Ninety-Nine Nights was an inexcusable mess. 0

Ninety-Nine Nights is extremely repetitive hack and slasher.  It doesn't offer anything new or exciting.  I hated the art style, I hated the cutscenes and how interruption they were.  The storyline bored me, the characters were forgettable.  The difficulty was inconsistent.  Your characters walked way to slow on the massive battlefields.  There is no checkpoint in the stages, so you if accidentally die then you have to start over at the beginning, losing all experience or items you gained.  I ho...

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Justice League Heroes was a short and mindless button masher. 0

I'm honestly not a Justice League fan.  I'm not a fan of comic books in general, and when I was a fan of comic books, I mostly read Marvel Universe stuff.  DC comics always felt... old to me.  So I'm hardly a fanboy for the IP in this game.  You can play through the game with the 7 mandatory characters.  Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Zatanna, The Flash and The Green Lantern: John Stewart.  I wasn't even familiar with John Stewart (I know the white Green Lantern and Green Arr...

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Infinite Undiscovery was a total borefest. 0

I really didn't want to jump on the hate-bandwagon for this game.  I really didn't.  I wanted this game to be good, I really did.  That's why I bought it.  However, it just didn't click with me.   There was a few things that I enjoyed, I loved mapping out the world, I liked the music alot, and the battle system was ok enough.  However, the bad out weighted the good by a ton.  I hated the characters, the cutscenes bored me, the art style was bland.  The voice acting was terrible, the controls wer...

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Viking is major fun despite being repetitive and easy. 0

Viking: Battle for Asgard wasn't a bad game at all.  I had quite a few problems with it though.  I'll get those out of the way first.Viking was a repetitive game.  The combat was button mashy, and you hardly ever had to use the skills you learned to advance.  The missions were recycled themselves over and over again.  There wasn't enough character models, so you'll fight the same Vikings over and over again, or see 500 of the same Allied Vikings on the battlefield with you.  The world wasn't ver...

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Dragon Quest Swords needed more polish. 0

Dragon Quest Swords was a bit rough around the edges at times, but overall it was a nice game.  I think it had a few very good ideas, but it just wasn't fleshed out enough.  For example, I hated the main town.  I wish the story was a bit more.. original.  I think most of the NPC were recycled, along with ALL the enemies in the game.  Heck, even the music was recycled.  However, I didn't hate the game.  I thought the combat was fun.  It was a bit frustrating at first but I eventually realized how...

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Lost Odyssey was not a Final Fantasy killer but still a fun RPG. 0

There are a ton of things that I loved about Lost Odyssey. The dungeons were fun and full of random puzzles. I love the collection aspect of the game, there are a ton of accessories, skills, spells, and treasures to find. The skill system was addicting as hell. The music was awesome, and the graphics were good enough. I loved the huge amount of sidequests, optional dungeons and optional bosses. However, I was not a big fan of the world map. The map made the game feel extra linear. The first th...

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FFTA is one of the best RPGs on the GBA. 0

I'm a hardcore Final Fantasy Tactics fan.  I bought Final Fantasy Tactics for the PS1 the week it was released.  When I heard about Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced, I was pretty excited.  When I read all the negative opinions on the game, I was pretty disappointed.  I still ended up buying the game, and you know what? I LOVE it.  It might not re-create that same nostalgic feelings I have with Final Fantasy Tactics, but it's a FUN game with a very deep job structure.  Which I believe is one of the...

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