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The Giant Giant Bomb FAQ

Let us know what your burning questions are, and we'll update this FAQ periodically!

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When a website is 13 years old, there's a lot of history to go through, and we don't always do a good job of writing it all down. This FAQ is intended to answer any questions you might have about Giant Bomb, present or past. Just leave your questions in the comments and we'll try to update this periodically!

So what is Giant Bomb, anyway?

As we’ve always said it, Giant Bomb is a different kind of video games website. We offer long-form video coverage of the latest releases as well as looks at the hottest games of yesteryear. We try to balance fun with authoritative editorial opinions on video games!

What’s Giant Bomb Premium?

Giant Bomb Premium started in 2010 as a way to keep the site alive in its infancy. For $5/month or $49.95/year, Premium members help us stay solvent without having to rely on advertising impressions. Premium members also unlock ad-free browsing and access to Premium-exclusive livestreams and thousands of hours of content from our archive. Check out more info here!

What's this I hear about t-shirts?

We have a whole merch store right over here, including glassware, outerwear, t-shirts and more! Check it out!

Why are “Quick” Looks so long?

Hey, we like to give games the time we think they deserve when discussing them. Hope you like your videos long; it’s kind of what we do around here.

Bat? Knife? What’s this I hear?

One of the longest-lasting discussions on Giant Bomb came from this Bombcast segment many moons ago.

Where should I start with older content?

With over 13 years of content in the archives, there’s a ton of stuff to go through. There are some community-collated links to highlights of the past here and here. This music video of moments from Giant Bomb’s history is pretty good! We have some highlight clips from older content in this Facebook playlist. And there’s also a number of Best Of Giant Bomb videos that are a good introduction, especially the yearly recaps, a few of which you can find at these links.

Hey, I like social media! What you got?

Check us out on:

How do I subscribe to one of your wonderful podcast or video feeds?

If you’re using a podcast app or reader, you can find a list of our wonderful RSS feeds right over here. To subscribe, you’ll want to copy and paste the RSS feeds into your app’s RSS subscription service (details are going to vary from product to product!).

Note that the Premium RSS feeds on that page are tied to your unique API key. Copy/paste them exactly or they might not work, and don’t share them or we may have to revoke your API key.

Hey it’s 202x and I want to watch your videos on something other than a browser window!

OK! Try out one of these wonderful apps!